Makeup Application Advice for Big Events

Preparing for a big event like a wedding or party isn’t all about the clothing – in fact it’s well worth taking a little extra time to think about your make-up and hairstyle, too. Whether you’re planning on taking care of your aesthetics from home, or if you’re keen to book a few professional treatments at your local salon; here are a few pieces of advice to help you to maximise the effect of your efforts.

Hair styles and colours

Depending on the type of event that you are due to attend, as well as the colour scheme of your outfit; it’s a good idea to think about the look and feel of your hair. Maybe your hair colour could do with a spot of maintenance, or maybe you’d like to change the style for the event itself, but in any case it’s a good idea to have your follicles treated before the celebration. A professional hairdresser will be able to take care of your hairs’ health, but you could also avoid the cut and trim and opt to purchase a nutrient and protein-rich shampoo to reinvigorate its appearance.

Makeup tones and shades

There’s nothing quite like having your make-up taken care of by a qualified beauty therapist, especially where a big event is concerned. What better time to consider an update to your style – one that utilises attractive colour schemes in the form of eye-shadows and pencils. Rather than going with the flow and hoping that the results are satisfactory, it’s a better idea to find a style that you like and then have a beauty therapist apply it to your complexion.

Lipstick and other highlighting features

A common mistake that many women make is to apply a favourite shade of lipstick, as opposed to a colour that will enhance or compliment a make-up colour scheme or outfit. It’s always a good idea to consider lipstick in much the same way as your other accessories; as external attributes that should be added last. You might find that once your outfit has been chosen and makeup has been applied, a certain shade of lipstick or lip-gloss will complete your look. A good beauty therapist will be able to offer advice regarding colour schemes and matching tones, so it’s worth booking a session to maximise the results.

Written by Stephanie James.